Parents & Spectators

Parents and other interested persons are encouraged to be spectators. Upon the written request of the Rules Committee, or any member thereof, the DJGT Committee shall have the right to indefinitely suspend any parent or other spectator for any violation of the Tour’s Spectator Rules or for any unsportsmanlike behavior or other conduct which, in the opinion of the Committee, is inconsistent with the Tour’s purposes or is intended to interfere with the operation of the DJGT and its committees.

Parents and Spectators:

1. Must stay a minimum of 150 yards ahead of the competitors (i.e. walk a half a hole ahead of the group). Please do not follow directly behind the participants, as this often prevents the next group from being able to hit their shots.

2. Must not give advice.

3. Must not walk in the fairway (Parents must stay on cart paths when present).

4. Must not act as a rules official or offer any rules advice to any playing competitor.

5. Can help to spot balls.

6. May carry food, water, medicine, umbrella, etc. for the player.

7. Should encourage their son/daughter to write thank you notes to the golf courses.

 Advice - Definition 

Advice definition - is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.

Rule 8-1: - During a stipulated round, a player must not:

1. give advice to anyone in the competition playing on the course other than his partner,


2. ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their caddies

Any conversation between parents and/or spectators and a player on the course may be construed as violation of Rule 8-1

In order to preserve the integrity of our Tournaments, the following procedures will be enforced for Parent and Spectator policy infractions:

FIRST OFFENCE: Parent/Spectator and the player receive a verbal warning from a Durham Junior Golf Tour official and/or the player will be assessed a two-stroke penalty (under Rule 8-1).

SECOND OFFENCE: Parent/Spectator will be instructed to leave the golf course and the player will be assessed a two-stroke penalty (under Rule 8-1). Failure of the parent/spectator to leave the course immediately will result in the player being disqualified.

Remember that players are responsible for the actions of their parents and/or coach.

Penalties can and will be assessed based on the appearance of communication, even if no actual advice may have been given. Spectators who need to talk with participants (ie. for health reasons, sunscreen, water etc.) should do so at a time in front of other spectators and/or other participants so there is never a one-on-one situation between the spectator and the participant.

Some examples of advice are:

· Verbal communication with the participant.
· Hand signals to the participant, including gestures to influence player decisions.
· Providing participants with written material.
· Positioning yourself as a spectator to assist the junior participant with aim or alignment.

Spectator Cart Policy

Failure to follow these policies will result in your cart privileges being revoked at any time and may result in your privileges being suspended for future events.

“Spectator Golf Cart Usage Rules” must be signed upon pick-up of the golf cart

1. Carts may be rented by spectators based on the individual golf clubs policies and availability - the daily fee is determined by each individual golf club.

2. Spectator carts must stay on the cart path at ALL times. If the course doesn't have cart paths then the cart must stay in the rough at ALL times.

3. Carts may only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) except in case of a weather evacuation.

4. Carts must not move while competitors are playing a stroke.

5. Spectators must be aware and must not interfere with the play of any group on the golf course.

6. Carts are NOT to be parked or stopped in the teeing area.

7. Spectator carts are NOT to be used for shuttling of players.

8. Violation of the transportation policy will result in the player of the spectator receiving a two-stroke penalty.

9. Spectator carts may carry food, water, medicine, umbrella, etc. for the player, but no golf equipment.

10. Spectator carts will be used to assist with the evacuation of players and spectators in cases of extreme weather, and may leave the cart path as necessary during an evacuation.

11. Only 2 riders per cart are permitted. Absolutely no spectator may ride in the lap of any occupant or stand on the back of the golf cart.

Last Updated: May 2018