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Rules of Golf

27/8 Ball Found After Search Exceeding Five Minutes Is Then Played

A player searches for his ball for five minutes and does not find it. He continues to search, finds the ball and plays it. What is the ruling?

The ball was lost and therefore out of play when the five-minute period allowed for search expired -- see Definitions of "Ball in Play" and "Lost Ball." When the player played a stroke with a ball out of play, he played a wrong ball -- see Definition of "Wrong Ball" -- and incurred a penalty of loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play -- Rule 15-3. In stroke play, he was disqualified if he did not correct the error by proceeding under Rule 27-1 before playing from the next tee -- Rule 15-3b.

Updated: April 25, 2015

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2015 Tour Season - Registration

Registration is open for all events of the 2015 season. Tour members are encouraged to register early to avoid disappointment! Register


Meet Golf's Next Generation - Volunteers Needed

Interested in helping grow the game and meeting golf's next generation?

We are looking for volunteers to help at all 2015 Tour Events.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Walking Scorers
  • Ball Spotters
  • Timing Stations
  • Scoring Administration

Interest individuals please contact Jane Iceton or Jeffrey Iceton

Team DJGT - 2015 Training Program

Building on the momentum established with our inaugural outdoor program in 2014, we are pleased to provide the 2015 version of our Durham Junior Golf Tour development and training program.  The Team DJGT is a concept which unites committed athletes in a team environment to train skills and develop expertise in golf.  With a wide range of topics, innovative practices, and a collaborative environment, the Team DJGT is a coaching and training program that helps young athletes train their skills in highly effective environments.


A central component of the Durham Team program is that coaches will observe the players as they compete in events.  We will have a coaching team at most events throughout the season, and this will give us the opportunity to observe skills in the actual playing of the game.   We will also provide structured debrief sessions after rounds and on many of the event days we have scheduled team practices after the round.
This is really the core component of the 2015 program which we feel will take our training team to the next level.  By observing our players as they compete, we will enhance the work we do in team practices as well in one-on-one sessions.  This is a unique feature in a coaching program which just makes so much sense, but is rarely done.  We are proud to offer participating athletes this level of coaching support and we are confident that it will yield tremendous benefits, for coach and athlete alike. Complete details

Interested in learning more about the Team DJGT development initative, please contact Jeffrey Iceton by email or at 905-655-8234


Marketing/Social Media Co-ordinator

The Durham Junior Golf Tour is currently seeking a dynamic individual for the role of Marketing/Social Media Coordinator to lead the marketing efforts as we continue to grow our programs.   The position entails working with a diverse and dedicated group of internal and external stakeholders looking to grow the game of golf in the Durham region. Interested parties should contact Jeffrey Iceton at jeffrey@durhamjuniorgolftour.ca or 905-655-8234. Complete Details


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